Pete Ackroyd
The Alpujarra region is a hidden gem for cycling, and Tom knows the roads (and the cafes) like a local. I’ve been out for the last 4 years, and it’s a superb place to start the season on the right foot. The roads are quiet, and well surfaced, and the routes are amazing…whether you want long climbs, coast rides, or even the occasional easy day to a café, Tom has you covered. The camps are relaxed, friendly affairs, with options for longer or shorter rides over a variety of terrain, but always beautiful views.

Check out Pete's video our 2018 camp below...

Jason Vettorel

Very friendly and personable atmosphere in the group - Food portions were plentiful and of good quality - Riding routes were challenging and always different - The roads in this area are as smooth as glass have very little traffic - Experienced ride leaders/coaches - I got some really solid base tan lines on my legs which is important when rolling up to my first race of the season. Worth the trip to get some serious km's in your legs before the Road season (whether you are racing or not).

Laurence Cooley

Tom ran an excellent training camp, which was more challenging than previous camps I had been on in Mallorca, but which was designed to include a mix of longer, harder rides and shorter days, so that by the end of the week I felt that I had got some really good training in without returning home overly fatigued. I’d highly recommend the experience.

Jim Cotton

Top quality riding in beautiful, tranquil environments. The routes available are diverse and give you a great mix of climbing, flat and rolling roads. Tom and Stephen make the riding great fun and know the area intimately, which when coupled with their experience and backgrounds, renders you confident that you're in good hands. Would go back in an instant.

Gavin Passmore

The region was perfect for a training camp, with some testing climbs and wonderful long descents that challenged your skills and made sure you got the most out of all the hard effort on the way up. Tom and Steve knew the area really well, and gave us freedom to pick routes and different options based on how we were feeling. It felt at times that we had the roads to ourselves, with great support from the team and a chance to test yourself against some strong riders. The knowledge and experience from cycling shone through with Tom and Steve, creating a really relaxed atmosphere where you could soak up hints and tips about riding and racing back home. I'll be there next year, and hope it’s a great experience again!

Justin Chapel

You may find a brief moment, after an hour long climb and just before a 20km descent, in which you forget the screaming pain in your legs and just get lost in the spectacular scenery. What you get after a week of those moments is some of the best rides you can ever do with some of the best coaches and riders you will ever ride with.

Anthony Saynor

This is the first training camp I have been on, the routes were challenging and made for great training. Combined with the people, it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience.'

Steve Naylor

Tom was excellent at tailoring the cycling experience to match my goals and capabilities. The roads and views are amazing in the Orgiva area.

Tiencia James

I had no idea what to expect but this camp was amazing. The bike courses were scenic, technical and challenging. Coach Tom has wealth of knowledge with anything related to cycling and is just an all around good guy. Very supportive and fun environment to get the most out of your cycling. I really can’t think of anything negative to say and it was well worth the trip from the USA and expense for me. I definitely hope to be able to do it again!